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The one thing the internet provides as a plethora of market analysis and opinions.  There are literally hundreds of sites that will tell you what the market is going to do next.  Here at Tradingsim, I like to keep the articles more general in nature since everyone’s system is different and remember we never know what the market is going to do next.

There was a time where I was subscribing to two investment newsletters.  One was that of an Elliott Wave expert and another was from a Richard Wyckoff method guru.  Just reading this out loud almost makes me laugh since each method while at times will tell the same story are so different in how they translate market information. 


On top of this, I was also a frequent reader of the trading deck over at  Then when I really got desperate or bored I would venture on to StockTwits.

Too Much Noise

Just to make sure I didn’t lose you there I am up to 2 newsletters, 1 market commentary site with multiple others and then Stocktwits which has ramblings from all sorts of people. 


How do you think this impacted my view of the market and the decisions I was making. If you don’t know, it only confused me further.

Once I shut out all of the “noise” my equity curve never looked back. 


The reason being is because I could interpret the market for myself and no longer relied on other people to solve my problems.  Which funny enough is the same reason you can become successful in life.



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