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Tuesday, February 25th at 13:30 GMT

US Consumer Confidence

The US consumer confidence data is considered as the leading number that provides market participants with critical information about the health of the economy. Any weakness in this number means that the other components of the economy are also likely to weaken. In recent weeks, we have seen softness in the US retail number, which failed to impress markets as they barely met the expectations. The economic portrait looks dull, and if you pay attention to the US industrial number, they fell below the expectations, which alarmed the markets. The hope is that we get a reading above 131.6.

How will the economic data drive the equities?

Wednesday, February 26th at 15:30 GMT

Crude Oil Inventories Data

Oil prices have been under tremendous pressure since the Coronavirus outbreak. Both Brent and Crude prices are in a strong downtrend, and investors are anxious about the surplus supply. The OPEC cartel has not decided anything about the oil supply cut. Coronavirus has adversely influenced the oil demand, and we are still not sure how the global growth will be squeezed because of this virus. Therefore, the upcoming crude inventory data is vital for traders, and they are hoping that they do not see a print which says supply glut.

Will the US Crude inventory data bring any hope for bulls?

Saturday, February 29th at 1:00 GMT

Chinese Manufacturing PMI

China has been struggling to control Coronavirus, and the new methodology adopted by officials to measure the infection rate of this virus has pushed the victim numbers a lot higher. However, the situation does look a little better in comparative perspective, due to a large number of factories resuming their operations. However, we are still not sure about the industrial capacity rate.

The upcoming Chinese manufacturing PMI number can provide us with more information on this. The previous reading was 54.1, and as long as we see a print which triumphs this number, investors are going to feel a lot more comfortable, and the spillover effects of this number will set the tone of trading for the following week.

Can the Chinese Manufacturing PMI data tell a strong story?



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