Recognize that the market is limitless

If you haven’t read the market wizards books, please do; especially the first one, it’s a classic.  As you read these stories of successful traders, you will notice that they have enormous gains.  I’m talking taking a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.  In addition to the size of their gains, the consistency of their wins almost seems too good to be true.  The reason their gains have no limits is that these top traders do not think in terms of yearly targets.

They have their system and they take whatever the market presents to them.  If this means a windfall profit, they do not look to rationalize the markets movements or exit the trade prematurely.  They simply follow their rules and let the market goes wherever it must.

I magically came up with the bright idea to make a 100% in the market for 2013.  To-date I am at 50%.  The difference now is that I no longer have any expectations for gains.  I must turn a profit, but other than that I’m done worrying about such things.  If you set a target you will either fall slightly below it or above it.  By placing this confine on your trading you will inevitably hit the target.

In Summary

Winning at trading has little to do with your system, trading equipment or internet speed.  It comes down to can you accept full responsibility for your trading results.  Do you accept the fact that the market gives you what you are willing to receive? 


Do you believe in the concept of probabilities and that you do not have to be right on every trade?  The quest for finding the trading zone and staying in it never ends. So, remember to have fun along the way.



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Trading in leveraged currency contracts comes with substantial risk. You must be aware of these risks before opening an account to trade. High leverage amplifies gains as well as losses, leading to potential loss of the entire account balance. Trading in leveraged currency contracts may not be suitable for every investor. Never speculate using money that you cannot afford to lose.

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