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Trading the CAC 40

Introducing the CAC 40, managed by the Euronext exchange group the CAC it is known as the benchmark index for the Paris Stock Exchange.

Cannabis Stocks Trading

The Global Cannabis Giants Index (BGCANG Index) is designed to track the performance of the top 20 listed companies with an exposure to the cannabis industry.

CryptoCurrency Index

The Crypto Market Index 10 is an index for the Top 10 cryptocoins or tokens in terms of market capitalisation.


Trading the AEX

The AEX index is currently composed of 25 of the best Dutch companies that trade on the Euronext Amsterdam (formerly known as the Amsterdam Stock trading Exchange)

Trading the ASX 200

The ASX 200 is an index of 200 trade stocks of companies with the highest market capitalization listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Trading Euro STOXX 50

The EURO STOXX 50 stock market index represents 50 of the largest blue-chip European companies actively operating within the Eurozone, by market cap.


Trading the Dollar Index

The US dollar index, or Dixie as it is often referred to, is the most popular currency index in the world. It trades under the USDX or DXY tickers on most exchanges.

Trading the Nikkei 225

The Nikkei (Nikkei heikin kabuki) 225 also known as the Japan 225, is the stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Trading Russell 2000 Index

The Russell 2000 Index measures the performance of some 2000+ small-cap companies that are listed on the Russell 3000 Index.


Trading the VIX Index

The Volatility Index (VIX) is widely considered the foremost indicator of stock market volatility and investor sentiment.

Trading the FTSE 100

Barclays, Centrica, easyJet, Lloyds Banking Group, Morrison, Royal Mail, Sainsbury, Everybody in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland knows these and many more.

Trading FTSE MIB Italia

The FTSE MIB is the standard  stock trading market Index for the Italian national stock exchange, known as the Borsa Italiana.

Trading the Hang Seng

With a market cap weighted index of 40 of the largest companies traded to date on the Hong Kong Exchange, the Hang Seng Index (HSI) is one of Asia’s biggest Indices .

Trading the Nifty 50

One of the two main stock indices used in India, the Nifty 50 is India’s benchmark stock market index for their equity market.

Trading The IBEX 35

The IBEX 35 stock trading market index represents the 35 most prominent and liquid companies on the Madrid Stock Exchange.



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